Three Season Rooms

Add A New Dimension To Your Home!

Three Season Rooms

Three Season rooms really e x p a n d the usable, livable area in your home.

We can custom build a three season rooms just the way you want it. This room can be built using our Deck Roof/Patio Cover, or under your existing roof.

The system uses 4 vinyl windows,each of which can be moved independently, providing you with up to 75% of the window’s size in airflow. The vinyl windows are shatter proof and extremely durable while remaining crystal clear. Triple track storm windows are used, with a choice of half-screen or full-screen. The half-screen option has a screen that can be slid up or down (commonly down) to cover one half of the window opening, affording some air movement. The full-screen option allows you to keep in or remove any window pane, top or bottom, in any wall. Or remove both to really open up the room and turn it into a Screen Room any time you desire. You could leave the windows in one wall to create a “wind brake” and leave the other two open.

The use of this room can be extended into the colder months by simply adding a small heater. If you use our Deck Roof/Patio Cover, it retains the heat very well as it has an insulating factor of R19.

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