Patio Covers

Shade and Weather Protection Patio Covers / Deck Roofs

Patio Covers and Deck Roofs provide Great Shade and Weather Protection for your deck.

Our deck roofs/patio covers are custom built on site to any size you desire over your deck or concrete slab. This roof is a Perfect Shield™ from the rain, snow, and sun. It gives you an open shaded area to enjoy the outdoors. The roof will protect you deck/slab and keep the contents on it cleaner.

The all-aluminum components will never rust and require no maintenance. The unique design only requires a 4-inch drop in pitch for every 10 feet of projection, allowing for maximum headroom, with little intrusion to your existing structure, unlike conventional construction.

Installation includes a 3 inch thick insulated panel clad with textured aluminum on each side giving your cover a vibrant finish to see from below. If you would prefer a conventional look, we provide shingles in a range of color to match your home. On a one story home, the gutter is removed and the roof header is installed in its place to provide a leak free seam. Our extruded 3×3 posts mount directly over the 4×4’s on your deck railing for a complete look. In a 12 ft roof projection, we only have to pitch the roof 6 inches. This allows for maximum head room.

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